OnePlus Manual Root

Rooting the OnePlus using EngineerMode This backdoor was discovered by the talented twitter user @fs0c131y. Using an inbuilt app named “EngineerMode”, we can manually root the Oneplus 2,3(T),5(T) Background EngineerMode is a diagnostic tool used by engineers (surprise surprise) to test and troubleshoot the device. These types of tools aren’t uncommon, but are usually removed from the device prior to shipping to customers. In this instance, EngineerMode was (whether by mistake or not) left on the device, ripe for exploiting. [Read More]

Linux Priviledge Escalation

This page should be used for reference when attempting priviledge escalation on a Linux OS Scripts A collection of scripts to help with enumeration & suitable exploit indentification Name Description Raw Source linEnum Bash based enum script ⚡️ 🔗 linPrivChecker Python based enum script with ES* ⚡️ 🔗 linExpSuggester Perl based ES* script ⚡️ 🔗 unixPrivEscCheck Shell enum script for Unix ⚡️ 🔗 *ES = Exploit Suggestion ***All scripts have . [Read More]

Zico2: 1

A fun intermediate boot2root, requiring the chaining of exploits to get root. Zico is trying to build his website but is having some trouble in choosing what CMS to use. After some tries on a few popular ones, he decided to build his own. Was that a good idea? Our challenge - Get root! Step 1 | Identify the Target Using arp-scan -l, we can identify the VM IP - in this case 192. [Read More]

Bulldog: 1

This is a beginner’s boot2root. Some basic enumeration & common sense will get you root. Bulldog Industries recently had its website defaced and owned by the malicious German Shepherd Hack Team. Could this mean there are more vulnerabilities to exploit? Our challenge - Get root! Step 1 | Identify the Target This VM provides the IP address at the console. However, a simple arp-scan -l should suffice in providing us the IP address. [Read More]